China may reconsider NK policies involving Sino-US ties

The US and South Korea said on Monday that they would tolerate no more missile or nuclear tests from North Korea, with US Vice President Mike Pence warning Pyongyang not to test the resolve of President Donald Trump.

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深圳日报-英文:【外国人永久居留证将改革 “中国绿卡”使用更便利】China has begun a series of changes to the rules re…


China has launched a reform of permanent residence certificates for foreigners, making the certificate more acceptable and recognizable by the public just like Chinese citizens' identity cards, the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) announced Monday. Full Story


Q: As Hebei’s Xiongan was announced to be the next special economic zone, local real estate price rocketed so high that the government has to put a ban on all trades. However, some argue that the future population of Xiongan would not be too large due to the 100 square km planned area, thus the home price shouldn’t be sky high even though the ban is lifted. Do you think it wise to by a property in Xiongan in the near future?

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